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Creative Feature: Visual Artist Jay Reed (StyleUniversal)

Jay Reed is a Visual Artist from Anaheim, California. To me, his style is fresh and unique! View his work below in the gallery.

In his own words

How he got started…

I started off tracing coloring books as a kid. Then I moved on to copying comic books as I got older. Even as a small child I would always doodle everywhere and on everything.

Why he became an artist…

I decided to become an artist because I wanted everyone to be able to see my interpretation of the world.

His favorite projects to work on…

I enjoy working on comics mostly. They allow you explore every aspect of design from typography to photography.

On what motivates him…

I get a lot of motivation from getting feedback. It’s like a drug. I can’t wait to put something out to the masses just to see what the reaction will be.


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