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#TheUsProject Challenges Selfie Epidemic

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Soffe - The Us Project

Selfies give people the power to control their image and express themselves, however is the practice leading to problematic behaviour with irreversible consequences?

With over 1 million selfies being posted every day, 30% are coming from people aged 18-24, 35% of which admit to altering their photos. Correcting a temporary blemish quickly turns into “selfie surgery” — changing the shape of a nose or eyes or entire face, leading to the rise in plastic surgery for patients younger than 30.

Along with obsessively snapping photos of ourselves, altering and sharing them, our digital lives are providing decreased intimacy and more shallow relationships.

How do we get beyond our self-esteem and self-worth being tied to Likes? And how do we harness the power of imagery and social sharing in a better way? Sportswear brand Soffe has launched its “The Strength Is In Us” campaign with hopes of doing just that.

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Previously associated with high school cheer attire, Soffe has re-launched with a more sophisticated product line, a broader reach and a mission to help bring young women together in support of their shared goals.

As someone who spends a lot of time connecting in digital spaces, I am able to see individuals regularly reach collective goals when they reach out to others. We’re social creatures and we accomplish so much more together than we do alone.

Through #TheUsProject movement, Soffe is encouraging young women to focus on each other, those who give them strength, motivation and encouragement.

Join the movement and enter to win free #TheUsProject apparel:

  1. Take a group photo of yourself with the people that give you strength and share on Instagram
  2. Tag our Instagram handle in the caption (@sinuousmag)
  3. Use the hashtag #TheUsProject
  4. Select winners of the contest will receive #TheUsProject apparel like these below:

Soffe - "Love is Better Than Likes"

Soffe - "Get Over Your Selfie"

Soffe - "Less Seflies More Selfless"

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