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Criticism of Iggy Azalea Mostly Based on Minstrelsy & Talentlessness, Not Her Vagina

Iggy Azalea: Hip-hop Damsel-in-Distress

Iggy Azalea twerking in "Work" Music Video

Iggy Azalea in “Work” Music Video

Iggy Azalea recently told Vanity Fair, that the reason she’s criticized so often “has 100,000 percent to do with the fact that I have a vagina.”

It is fair to recognize that some of the criticism about her does tend to be littered with horrible, gendered insults.

That said, her in-authenticity and inferior rap dexterity are also tolerated due to her only marketable assets: her gender, her race, and the Western world’s obsession over white women with “black attributes.”

Or maybe Iggy Azalea’s right. It was really her vagina people were mocking when they used #StopIggy2015 in reference to the struggly ass live performance of her own song, “D.R.U.G.S,” at a 2013 concert.

It was her vagina people were angered by when she disrespected hip-hop legend Q-Tip, who gently reached out with a much-needed history on the genre she desecrates.

And perhaps it really was Iggy Azalea’s vagina we have been upset with and not an orchestrated “hip-hop takeover,” which was immediately projected by mainstream media just as her single “Fancy” hit the charts.

“For 30 years, the music business has churned for Iggy Azalea, seeking a savior where one did not exist, or was not allowed to,” wrote one hopeful journalist after Iggy’s Hip-hop AMA win in 2014. “Being blonde and beautiful meant nothing. In fact, it was made to seem like a roadblock.”

Kate McKinnon as Iggy Azalea on SNL asking, "Isn't rap sooo fun?"

Kate McKinnon as Iggy Azalea on SNL

Gender Games

As she gets away with barely being able to form or rhyme words in her shitty blaccent, Iggy Azalea also told Vanity Fair that fellow white rapper Macklemore does not receive criticism.

Where was she when shit was hitting the fan over Macklemore’s Hip-hop Album Grammy nomination and win?

How did she miss the backlash over Macklemore, a straight cis-gendered white male, getting accolades for “Same Love,” as if LGBT artists haven’t expressed the same sentiments into their music for years?

I enjoyed Macklemore’s 2012 album The Heist because I appreciated hearing his truth, as I do with any other artist.

I also noticed that mainstream media was applauding him as the only artist expressing that kind of honesty in a sea of misogyny and materialism.

Macklemore does not stand out because he raps about something that no one else does; he stands out because he is being allowed to rise to the top.

And mainstream media gatekeepers want you to know that it’s Macklemore who is “saving hip-hop as they ignore the artists who speak on social issues, seek to uplift communities, and opt-out of bashing women.

Hip-hop does not need Macklemore, who, by the way, recognizes his white privilege as a factor in his advancement:

“This is a culture that came from pain, it came from oppression, it came from white oppression… you cannot disregard where this culture came from and our place in it as white people.”

Hip-hop certainly does not need Macklemore more than it needs Black Thought (of The Roots), Kendrick Lamar, Wu-TangTalib Kweli, Big K.R.I.T., Andre 3000, Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def), CunninLynguistsDanny Brown, Murs, Joey Bada$$Pharoahe Monch, J. Cole, Common, Tech N9ne etc.

Hip-hop’s Beautiful Blonde Savior

As for the rise of the vagina in hip-hop, Iggy Azalea’s ironically “mediocre” ass isn’t doing us any favors.

Hip-hop does not need her. And it definitely does not need her more than it needs women emcees with actual talent like Jean GraeNitty Scott MC, Dessa, Angel Haze, Snow Da Product, M.I.A., Lady Essence, Rapsody, MC Melodee, Lil Mama, Eternia, and even Azealia Banks‘ problematic self.

Unlike Iggy Azalea, who can’t freestyle at all or over a “hood ass beat,” these women will likely remain obscure.

Also unlike Iggy, these women will also deal with issues of racism, homosexuality, respectability, and not being the accepted Western “standard of feminine beauty.”

Iggy Azalea is not criticized because she is a woman, she is criticized for being a modern-day Jim Crow era-inspired minstrel without the blackened face.