Listen: Low Leaf Appeals to Filipino Consciousness with “Rise Up”

Low Leaf "Rise Up" Single Artwork by Nate James and Low Leaf, with Photo by Joe Ash

Low Leaf “Rise Up” Single Artwork by Nate James and Low Leaf, with Photo by Joe Ash

L.A.-based singer/songwriter/producer Low Leaf beckons fellow Filipinos around the world to “Rise Up” with the first single from her forthcoming album, AKASHAALAY.

Guided by the new album’s dedication to the “people, bloody history, and bright future” of the Philippines, the brisk bossa nova-inspired tune seeks to “restore and empower the collective Filipino psyche.”

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“In an effort to de-colonize, cleanse, and heal the wounds of history and recent natural disasters – the time is ripe now, more than ever, for the Filipino spirit to be reborn in full form. As the divine generation, our ancestors that have lived and died for us to co-create our culture through music and art are speaking through us, and guiding our hearts to a new awakening. So, people of the world – how we gonna rise up?”

With AKASHAALAY, the classically trained pianist and self-taught harpist will explore “a range of island-inspired emotions including resistance, unity, chaos, change, and peace.”

The album will be out on cassette and digital download on April 29th via Fresh Selects. Keep up with the artist on Facebook and Twitter at @_LowLeaF.