Kanye West – New Slaves, Brooklyn

Watch: Kanye West’s Guerrilla-Style “New Slaves” Premiere in Brooklyn

Kanye West - "New Slaves" Brooklyn Projection

Kanye West went to some creative lengths to premiere his new single titled “New Slaves” on Friday in Brooklyn (and 65 other locations worldwide).

His face projected against a Williamsburg apartment building as the song blasted throughout the neighborhood.

“I know that we know the new slaves, I know that we the know slaves,” he chants and continues, “Y’all throwing contracts at me, you know that niggas can’t read.”

He uses the new track, which seems to feature vocals by Frank Ocean, to speak on the U.S. prison industrial complex, often referred to as the new form of slavery:

“Meanwhile the DEA teamed up with the CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) / They tryna lock niggas up / They tryna make a new state / See that’s that privately owned prison / get yo piece today”

The song appears on Kanye’s sixth studio album titled, Yeezus, out June 18th, which will include appearances by Chief Keef, Daft Punk, and Pusha T among others.

The guerrilla marketing tactic, which also rolled out in L.A., San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, London, and Sydney, seems to have worked well. People rushed to upload tons of clips to Youtube and Vine tonight.

And it’s already ruffling feathers: “Cant even listen to music without these stupid topics being brought up all the time. A black man is the white house, and this song is about how blacks are still slaves just not slaves in chains. BS! It’s getting old.”

Gotta love the “but our President is Black so racism is over crowd. Watch the “New Slaves” premiere below!