The Foreign Exchange Call It Home Pity Single Cover

The Foreign Exchange Debuts “Call It Home / Pity,” First Single from ‘Love In Flying Colors’

The Foreign Exchange's "Call It Home/Pity" Single Cover

The Foreign Exchange’s “Call It Home/Pity” Single Cover

And so The Foreign Exchange‘s Love In Flying Colors era begins with a brand new video for Call It Home,” the lead single from the forthcoming album, which is due September 14th.

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Directed by Kenneth Price, the video combines short rapid moving scenes from all over the world.

“I’d follow you almost anywhere / I’m right here / You can call it home,” Phonte sings over the delightful Nicolay-produced synths.

The single has a non-album B-Side titled “Pity,” a chilling opposite to “Call It Home” which is included in the single bundle available now. Listen at the 3:41 mark below.

“Don’t look for pity, ’cause it’s not there / Don’t look for logic, ’cause it’s not there / I just can’t shake it / Why must it be so cynical?” the hook goes before Phonte raps, “Are we corresponding? / Don’t you ever run away babe or are you absconding? / They say you addicted / But fuck an addiction / What they call addiction / Is what we call bonding / So maybe I messed up / I shouldna stressed her / I made her a princess / She made me her jester.”

The “pity” is that this song won’t be on the album…. boooo!