Lianne La Havas Elusive & Gone Music Videos

Watch: Lianne La Havas’ 2-Part Love Story in New Videos for “Elusive” & “Gone”

Lianne La Havas Elusive & Gone Music Videos

Lianne La Havas Debuts Two-Part Music Video Series for “Elusive” & “Gone”

The remarkable Lianne La Havas gives us a two-part love story with the dual release of compelling music videos for emotional ballads, “Elusive” and “Gone.”

Both songs appear on Lianne’s phenomenal debut album, Is Your Love Big Enough, and both videos are the work of director Colin Solal Cardo who says:

“Lianne’s a brilliant storyteller, there’s a true cinematic quality to her songs. When you listen to them, you go through all these emotions and narratives, like a collection of short movies. We felt like it was finally time to build a world around these songs, give life to these love stories and let Lianne actually become these characters.”

The visuals for “Elusive” are supported by beautiful choreography, and find the 22-year-old British soul songstress falling in love with a womanizing dance instructor. This isn’t going to end well…

Watch: Part 1 – “Elusive”

“Open my eyes and I’m next to you
He says my destiny
Lies in the hands that set me free”

“Gone,” on the other hand, tells a tale of love gone wrong — heartbreak, tears, alcohol, and buddy-boy gets poisoned, abandoned, seduced and then drowned by a scorned Ms. La Havas. Revenge is a motha…

Watch: Part 2 – “Gone”

“Yea I found you out
This is my last goodbye”

Debuting July 19th with critical acclaim, Is Your Love Big Enough peaked at #4 on the UK Albums chart and became iTunes’ Album of the Year for 2012.

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