Goodie Mob Age Against The Machine Album Cover

Goodie Mob’s ‘Age Against The Machine’ Tracklist Features T.I., Janelle Monáe

Goodie Mob Age Against The Machine Album Cover

Goodie Mob’s Official ‘Age Against The Machine’ Album Cover

The tracklisting for Goodie Mob‘s highly-anticipated album Age Against The Machine reveals appearances from T.I. and Janelle Monáe.

Serving as their sixth studio effort and set to release August 27th via Elektra, the new album marks the Southern rap group’s official reunion since parting ways after 1999’s World Party.

Recorded in the U.S., Bahamas and Jamaica, Age Against The Machine is executive produced by member Cee-Lo Green with production by Jack Splash, and Cavy.

See what members had to say about the project:

“For us to get back in the studio after so long, it was easy and we all learned. It was a great experience.” — Big Gipp

“As we grow as individuals we’re gonna grow as a group. We automatically feel a purpose and responsibility to say something and use this platform to change the state of mind of hip hop, motivate the mood of the people.” — T-Mo

“It’s not rage, it’s age – where wisdom is the weapon of choice. It’s gonna be a challenge and we’re ready to win lose or draw. I’m willing to put it all down and the brothers are with me.”  — Cee-Lo

Check out the official tracklist as well as a brand new music video for “I’m Set” below. Pre-order the album via iTunes.

Age Against The Machine Tracklist

1. U Don’t Know What You Got (Intro)
2. State Of The Art (Radio Killa)
3. Power
4. Silence….. The New Hate (Interlude)
5. I’m Set
6. Valleujah
7. Pinstripes (f/ T.I.)
8. Special Education (f/ Janelle Monae)
9. Ghost Of Gloria Goodchild
10. Kolors
11. Come As You Are
12. Nexperiance
13. The Both Of Me
14. Balls (Interlude)
15. Amy
16. Understanding
17. Uncle Red’s (Interlude)
18. Father Time