Watch: Sundance Short ‘Pas De Restes,’ A Cruel, Hilarious Lesson on American Excess

Johnny Ray Gill’s award-winning short film, ‘Pas De Restes,’ explores the trend of American food waste and excess.

'Pas De Restes' (2015)
‘Pas De Restes’ (2015)

While 46.5 million people in America rely on food banks, we throw away a ton of food: approximately $165 billion worth each year.

Exploring this trend of waste and excess is Pas De Restes (2015), an award-winning short film about a privileged family that finds out what happens when you bite off more than you can chew — especially when it has to come back out.

Written, directed and starring Rectify‘s brilliant Johnny Ray Gill, the film won Best Narrative Short at the Portland Film Festival and the Green Lens Environmental Film Festival. Watch below.

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