Selena Amor Prohibido Album Artwork – Crop

MAC’s Selena Quintanilla Collection Coming in 2016

Selena for her 'Amor Prohibido' album artwork

Selena for her ‘Amor Prohibido’ album artwork

Today MAC Cosmetics announced a forthcoming collection inspired by Latin pop icon Selenasssssssss!


The Grammy award-winning Tejano music superstar, who passed away two decades ago, was known not only for her music but her beauty and style, including those full red lips. No fillers, baby.

“Selena’s talent and beauty, inside and out have, have left a colourful, meaningful impact in the world, that has continued to grow over the last two decades,” said M.A.C. Senior Vice President, James Gager. “We have heard the passion and enthusiasm from her fans and wholeheartedly agree that her legacy embodies M.A.C.’s philosophy. We are so excited to announce a Selena inspired M.A.C collection debuting in the latter part of 2016.”

MAC Selena Quintanilla Collection Announcement

Few details and no product images have been revealed yet but the collection will be available sometime in 2016.

“I am so excited that M.A.C Cosmetics will be releasing a collection in honor of my sister Selena,” said Suzette Quintanilla. “Helping to create this collection brings me back to all those late night conversations on our tour bus when she spoke of having her own makeup line one day. If Selena were here she would be beyond ecstatic to have this happening. History is being made.”​

The trailblazing singer was one of the top Latin artists and top selling artists of the 1990s and has sold over 60 million albums worldwide.

She was portrayed by Jennifer Lopez in the 1997 biopic Selena, which chronicled her early life, rise to fame and murder in 1995.

In 2018, a Selena hologram will embark on a tour.