British Web Series ‘Venus vs Mars’ Picked Up as Sky’s First “All-Black” Show

Letitia Hector as Venus in 'Venus Vs Mars'

Letitia Hector as Venus in ‘Venus Vs Mars’

Venus vs Mars, a popular British web series is going from Youtube hit to TV series thanks to the Sky network.

From critically acclaimed playwright Baby Isako, the witty London-set dramedy follows a “dynamic single girl” named Venus (played by Letitia Hector), who is on a “catastrophic quest to find true love.”

While on the hunt for Mr. Right, “run-ins with the ex, old flames, new crushes and double dates mean there’s never a dull moment in Venus’s love life. Her friends also contend with man dramas and relationship woes.”

The 10-episode series is set to premiere on the Sky Living channel this Thursday with two episodes screening each night, just after Shonda RhimesScandal.

Venus vs Mars will be Sky’s first all-black cast comedy drama series that also has a black production team.

Check out the trailer and if you’re in the UK, tune in when it premieres this Thursday, April 9th at 11pm.

[via shadowandact]