Listen: Elzhi Wrestles with Cold, Growing Pains & Death of J Dilla in “February”

Detroit lyricist and former Slum Village member Elzhi reflects the bitter cold of the year’s second month and J Dilla’s death in “February.”

Single Artwork for Elzhi's "February"
Single Artwork for Elzhi’s “February”

In a melancholy new jewel titled “February,” Detroit lyricist and former Slum Village member Elzhi reflects on how the second month of the year seems to get colder as years go by.

“Oh February, February you took a friend from me who wasn’t just some celeb you buried,” he laments the death of friend J Dilla. “He inspired us all musically / You came around and changed things I want it how it used to be.”

Dilla, one of any hip-hop head’s favorite producers, succumbed to complications from lupus on February 10, 2006.

Produced by 14KT, the piano-driven track will appear on Elzhi’s highly anticipated sophomore solo album, Lead Poison. The project will release via new artist alliance GLOW365.

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