Nas Time Is Illmatic

Nas Documentary ‘Time Is Illmatic’ to Hit Theaters & VOD on Oct. 2 & 3

Nas 'Time Is Illmatic' (2014)

Nas ‘Time Is Illmatic’ (2014)

Following its acclaimed premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, Nas‘ long-awaited documentary Nas: Time Is Illmatic will finally arrive in select theaters nationwide on October 2nd.

It will also be available on Video On Demand platforms beginning October 3rd (iTunes / Amazon).

The feature-length film chronicles the making of the Queens rapper’s prolific 1994 debut album Illmatic, which turns 20 years old this year.

Directed by One9, written by Erik Parker, and produced by One9, Parker and Anthony Saleh, Time Is Illmatic traces the rapper’s origins and influences, beginning with his jazz-musician father Olu Dara.

The film also explores the “social conditions and environmental influences” that affected the rapper by examining his relationships with his Queensbridge neighbors, younger brother Jabari “Jungle” Fret and mother Ann Jones.

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“We didn’t set out to make a documentary about 20 years of an album,” Parker revealed to The Huffington Post earlier this year. “We started out to make a documentary about 10 years and reflect on how great that album was when it came out. However, it touched us in such a way and it represented our generation in such a way that it is an album that speaks to us and for us in the manner that no other album does of its time.”

“Not to exclude any other album, but we chose one that touched us and had so many different layers to it,” he continued. “If you look at different albums of that time, they’re great albums that came out, but they have different textures than ‘Illmatic.’ ‘Illmatic”s layers are very deep and they’re very honest and they strike a chord in the people that it represents. And we wanted to tap into that.”

Time Is Illmatic‘s theatrical release is preceded by the release of Nas’ Illmatic XX, the 20th Anniversary Edition of the original album Illmatic, which released April 19th in 1994.