Watch: The Hood Internet Chops & Screws Dessa’s “Fighting Fish”

Dessa‘s “Fighting Fish” was hot as is, but Chicago-based production duo The Hood Internet has taken the track to a murky new level with their latest remix.

Originally produced by Dessa’s Doomtree labelmate Lazerbeak, the song appeared on the emcee’s 2013 Parts of Speech LP.

After releasing the album’s vocals to producers around the country and loving Hood Internet’s rework, Dessa teamed back up with the original’s video directors Isaac Gale and David Jensen to shoot a remix visual.

The new track is featured on a 2014 EP Parts of Speech, Re-Edited. See what she had told The Green Room about it below:

“The beat for the original ‘Fighting Fish’ was produced by my labelmate, Lazerbeak. It’s got a driving, aggressive sound; the lyrics I wrote for it are about going for the big win, even against long odds (music career, anyone?).

In the Midwest, bold ambitions are often perceived as presumptuous: Who are you to think you can do or be something special? This song swims against that current.

We released “Fighting Fish” on my album Parts of Speech last year. This summer Doomtree released a remix project: we sent a cappella versions of the songs to producers around the country and asked them to build new production around the vocals.

My favorite remix came from the The Hood Internet, based in Chicago. The remixed version of “Fighting Fish” is chopped and screwed, the vocals slowed down enough to sound as if they were recorded by a male artist.

When I first received the file, I listened to it on repeat in my one-bedroom apartment, stunned. The new version seemed to change the emotional center of the song completely–more melancholic, an added gravitas.

To hear my lyrics delivered in a man’s voice was brain-scrambling. The male voice is the featured instrument in most rap music; it’s the instrument to which I’m most accustomed as a listener and a fan.

The transposition was at once gratifying (I sound like the artists I like!) and sobering as potential evidence of my own ingrained sexism (Do I grant male voices an authority that I don’t grant female voices–including my own?).

After all the sociopolitical considerations subsided, however, I continue to love this remix because it kicks ass musically and it’s a big, bold departure from the original.”

Dessa is set to tour the East Coast this fall, starting off in Detroit on September 18th. Check the full list of dates here.