Popcaan The FADER Summer 2014 Music Issue – Cover

Popcaan Talks New Album ‘Where We Come From’ in FADER’s Summer Music Issue

Popcaan Covers FADER June/July 2014 - Summer Music Issue

Popcaan Covers FADER June/July 2014 – Summer Music Issue

“Unruly Boss” Popcaan graces one of the three covers for FADER‘s June/July 2014 Summer Music issue, along with British soul crooner Sam Smith and L.A. singer/rapper Ty Dolla $ign.

The dancehall artist gives FADER’s Jesse Serwer a peek into his roots with a trip to Hayfield, a rural village in Jamaica’s Saint Thomas parish, two hours away from Kingston.

At just 25 years old, Popcaan has the future of dancehall on his shoulders, as he picks up the mantle from mentor Vybz Kartel.

Kartel, who is now spending a life sentence in prison for the 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams, put Popcaan on the map with their 2010 collaboration, Clarks.”

Popcaan for FADER June/July 2014 photographed by Andrew Dosunmu

Popcaan for FADER June/July 2014 photographed by Andrew Dosunmu

He has finally followed his popular party anthems “Ravin’” and Party Shot with his debut studio album, Where We Come From, which released on Tuesday via Dre Skull‘s Mixpak Records.

Equal parts party and conscious, Popcaan’s independence and maturity shine on the new LP, which is executive produced by Dre Skull.

Popcaan’s FADER cover story, “Popcaan Is Making Dancehall Nice Again,” details how the artist is different from the badman dancehall stars we’re used.

“Popcaan feels more like hanging out with a big kid than trailing the man-of-the-moment in one of music’s most cutthroat genres.”

Check out a few snippets from Popcaan’s interview, as well as his Andrew Dosunmu-photographed shoot below.

On how he got his nickname “Unruly Boss”:

“Mi as a youth always love[d] to do my own ting. Mi nuh like when people rule me, not even mi mother. When mi start say ‘unruly’ now, people who know me from long time say, ‘Yaowww, weh right name that!’”

On how he gets away:

“Sometime mi just go inna di country, and just chill. Up pon di riverbed. Nobody nuh know… mi just missing.”

On avoiding the camera:

“Mi only go up pon camera when we have to.”

On drawing the from pain of deceased friends:

“That is an experience mi haffi share too because nuff people lose family and lose friend[s]. When we say, ‘My friend dem memory live on,’ somebody else can say dem friend memory live on likewise, too.”

On who the new album represents:

“If it was Where Mi Come From, it would be just about me. But tings ah mi go through, [my friends] Buzzman and Grizzle and Frass—dem go through it with mi same way. So Where We Come From is based off of everybody life, not just Popcaan alone.”