The 100 – Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia and Ricky Whittle as Lincoln

The 100′s Ricky Whittle Talks Brutal Torture Scenes, the Grounder’s Affection for Octavia & More

Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia and Ricky Whittle as Lincoln in 'The 100,'a  "Day Trip"

Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia and Ricky Whittle as Lincoln in ‘The 100,’a “Day Trip”

Ricky Whittle, who plays the heartthrob “Grounder” named Lincoln on The CW’s post-apocalyptic drama The 100, recently spoke with Buddy TV about the experience of filming those brutal torture scenes.

He also delves into the Grounder character, his knowledge of English, attraction to Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), and the larger Grounder society.

Based on a book of the same name by Kass Morgan, The 100 is set “97 years after a devastating nuclear war that wiped out all life on Earth. The only survivors were supposed to be the residents of twelve space stations in Earth orbit prior to the war, and a handful of ‘Grounders’ who managed to escape to the space stations.”

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On how difficult it was to film the torture scenes:

“It was actually painful doing it. I think the thing about this cast is we’re all trying to challenge each other from Richard Harmon (Murphy) doing the hanging scenes and myself being tortured and that stuff in [episode] 7. Obviously, I’m never going to know what it’s like to be strung up for days on end, so when we actually filmed, I chose to stay in those restraints just to feel a bit of that tiredness. It’s really draining being up there. What they put that Grounder through really is quite traumatic. I actually left that episode with a few burn marks on my wrists and a few scratches on my torso.”

On which was worse: acting out the torture scenes or the physicality of having to stand like that:

“It’s a bit of both really. It’s such a dark experience really. We really had to take ourselves to a dark place. I think the way it was lit, it was such a dark set and so enclosed. The crew were there, it was was tight space. Make up had done a fantastic job — make up and hair and costumes — of making us looking so disheveled and worn out. It really was draining.

Bob Morley’s (Bellamy) one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and so that shows how fantastic a job he did playing Bellamy. He had to take himself to a really dark place where he felt he had to do something in order to extract the information needed to save Finn’s life. He was in a dark place and I had to myself be in a dark place. Obviously, to make sure the Grounder keeps all these secrets in.”

Ricky Whittle as Lincoln the Grounder in 'The 100,' "Contents Under Pressure"

Ricky Whittle as Lincoln the Grounder in ‘The 100,’ “Contents Under Pressure”

On the Grounder:

“I think as we’ve seen through glimpses of the series so far that the Grounder … really is an observer and he does stand out as a bit of a loner. We’ve seen various types of Grounders and they all have a different agendas as in normal daily life. That’s the fantastic thing that shows deep characters with various — they have so many different layers. There’s no good and no bad.

We’ve seen Clarke have to struggle who is genuinely a good person who’s true and she’s had everyone’s best interest at heart and she had to go to a dark place this episode just gone. And you’ve seen Kane and Bellamy do the exact opposite. The same with the Grounders.”

On what is it about Octavia that draws the Grounder to him:

“We don’t know why he’s taken an interest in Octavia just yet, but I guess it’s about her spirit. You’re going to learn more and more about the Grounder and what he thinks he sees in Octavia. There is a connection there as we can clearly see and he’s been very protective of her. And then she came back and proved her value to him as well by cutting herself and showing what she’s worth.

She’s not just a pretty little girl, a pretty little sister of Bellamy, who’s just going to be running through the forest chasing butterflies. She’s going to see her own arc develop here and you’ll see an inner strength come from her and this character and more levels in her than the Grounder has seen in his observations of her.”

Ricky Whittle as Lincoln and Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia in 'The 100,' "His Sister's Keeper"

Ricky Whittle as Lincoln and Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia in ‘The 100,’ “His Sister’s Keeper”

On how the Grounder fits into the larger grounder society:

“He is a bit of a loner in his people. The grounders are like any race and in any society there are different levels. We’re going to really dig deep in the grounder society and find out that there are different types. We’ve seen the warriors running through the forest and obviously they are warriors for a reason. Jason Rothenberg, our fantastic producer, has touched on it before that they’re warriors and they were fighting something before the 100 landed here on Earth. They weren’t suddenly made warriors in the last couple days. There’s a lot out there and the Grounder who’s been capture will be a gateway into this world the 100 have fallen into.

I think you saw a little bit throughout his cave in episode 6 that he’s a bit of a hoarder and collector. He really is connected to the previous world that we live in now. You have see various parts of technology that we have in our world today that is alien to him. Obviously, there’s no technology, but there’s various bits of electrical equipment, souvenirs and bits and bobs in his cave. He’s fascinated.

He’s fascinated with the technology that the 100 brought down. They don’t have electricity down on Earth and yet this space ship has landed and they have electricity, they have lights, they have possibly have information that could actually help the grounders. Could these two societies, these two communities become one. Could they help each other? Could they learn from each other? Or are they just going to carry on fighting and making the other extinct? It’s a fantastic battle and it’s going to be played out throughout the rest of the season as to which way they’re gonna go.”

Also starring Eliza Taylor, Thomas McDonell, Bobby Morley, Christopher Larkin, Devon Bostick, Paige Turco, Henry Ian Cusick, and Isaiah Washington, The 100 was renewed for a second season on May 8, 2014. Tune in to the series every Wednesday at 9/8 C.