Watch: EA Sports UFC Seduces Players with Chance to “Be Bruce Lee”

Bruce Lee Character in EA Sports UFC Trailer

Bruce Lee Character in EA Sports UFC Trailer

You’ll never actually be Bruce Lee, the father of mixed martial arts, but EA Sports UFC is giving you the chance to fight like him.

Although the late legend is not a part of a 100-member roster for the PS4 and Xbox One game, his character is being offered as a pre-order incentive.

The trailer below tributes some of Lee’s legacy and features commentary from UFC’s Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis, and President Dana White, who says, “the sport of mixed martial arts was started by Bruce Lee.”

EA Sports Creative Director Brian Hayes adds, “When you’re fighting as Bruce Lee we want you to feel that power, that speed, that agility that he was known for. We want to make that when you’re controlling Bruce Lee inside the octagon you feel like.. the Dragon.”

When Bruce Lee’s character was unveiled in April (and even now), many were (are) skeptical about this depiction of the icon.

Prepared for the controversy, Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee, who manages the use of his likeness, spoke with

“We understand that the UFC has fans of that sport, and Bruce Lee fans are fans of Bruce lee, and people are protective of Bruce Lee, and people are protective of the UFC. But when this opportunity came about, I thought, you know, it’s a video game, and it’s an opportunity to live out a fight fantasy. People are always saying, ‘How would Bruce Lee have done in the octagon?’ Well, they can find out.”

The game will be available on June 17, 2014 at and online and local retailers.

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