Watch: ‘The Boondocks’ Season 4 Trailer Reveals Money Troubles for Granddad

The Boondocks (2014), Season 4 Trailer

The Boondocks (2014), Season 4 Trailer

Though many fans of The Boondocks question whether the popular show’s upcoming season will be worth watching due to the exclusion of creator Aaron McGruder, its April 21 premiere only draws nearer.

The season’s first trailer gives us a pretty funny sneak peek at the Freeman family dealing with some financial problems and getting into even more trouble to avoid moving out of their Woodcrest suburb.

With hints of 12 Years A Slave, Star Wars, and Breaking Bad, it appears that a retired Granddad is forced to resort to washing cars, hoin’ escorting, and possibly selling meth to save their home.

We also see the return of Uncle Ruckus and crusty ass Stinkmeaner (“Still hereeee… and you still a bitch!”).

Enjoy the trailer below and tune in to the premiere of Boondocks’ fourth and final season on Adult Swim on April 21st at 10:30 pm.