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Blu Speaks on Creation of Upcoming Double LP, ‘Good To Be Home’



Cali emcee Blu will soon release his “unapologetic celebration” of Los Angeles music and culture with his first ever double album, titled Good To Be Home, which is available now for pre-order.

Set to release on May 20th via Nature Sounds/New World Order, the album is produced entirely by frequent collaborator Bombay and features appearances from Alchemist, Evidence, Like and BeYoung of Pac Div, Co$$, Fashawn, Imani (of The Pharcyde), Prodigy, THURZ, Casey Veggies, Chace Infinite, and more.

Good To Be Home follows Blu’s previous full-length solo releases: theGODleeBarnes (2010), HerFavoriteColo(u)r (2011), j e s u s ∆ (2011), and York (2013).

In a recent interview with NahRight, the 31-year-old rapper reveals details about the making of the new album. Check out a few snippets, enjoy the album’s lead offering, “The West,” and peep the full tracklisting below.

On the recording process for Good To Be Home:

“I recorded all of the double album between two studios. One in Long Beach and the other off Beverly and Fairfax. It’s a mixture between being around all the hipsters and all the hippies. We sleep in the studio, that’s the Long Beach spot. And the Beverly spot we just go in and bang out a bunch of tunes at once. Our work ethic and recording pace is crazy—we always make the best out of our stay.”

On beats for the album:

“I wasn’t too involved in the beat-making of this double album. I think the main reason it became a double album was because I had so many gems to choose from. It went from being, ‘Let me cut a couple songs for the homie,’ to, ‘Hey, what do you think of dropping a double CD?’ I always say me working with Bombay was like a kid walking into a candy store, yo. I never left.”

On studio essentials:

“Man, for this album, the usual. Weed of course—we are very fortunate to live in California where marijuana is legal, so we definitely take advantage of that and stay as far away from cigarettes as possible. Beers—New Castles or Red Stripes, or the brown liqs for late night sessions. [And] Jack in the Crack [aka Jack in the Box for munchies].”

On his inspiration/collaboration for the album:

“This was one album where I needed no outside inspiration. My main fuel was wanting to put my style down on a sound that I feel complemented where my pen is right now. Really soulful block music, really really Cali. So the writing was most enjoyable—it was just me telling my story. But I did get a lot of fuel from a lot of the people who are on the record, who seem to have dropped records during the time we were recording ours. So we got the prime hot shit. Mitchy Slick, M.E.D., Alchemist and Evidence, Krondon, Durag Dynasty, Prodigy—[they] all have dropped great albums while we were recording this record. So it was a blessing to get them in the studio with us!! Man, Prodigy’s verse, classic bro bro. Classic Pee.”

Album Cover & Tracklisting

Official album artwork for Blu's 'Good To Be Home'

Official album artwork for Blu’s ‘Good To Be Home’

Disc 1

01 Home
02 The Return
03 Back Home Again
04 Boyz N The Hood f. Fashawn, Like & BeYoung (of Pac Div)
05 Whip Creme (Part One) f. Definite, Big Dame, Co$$ & Swt Pea
06 The West
07 The 50z
08 The LA f. Secret Service Agents
09 Summer Time f. Bombay & Arima Ederra
10 The Summer / Angel Dust f. LMNO and 2Mex (of The Visionaries) & Imani (of The Pharcyde)

Disc 2

01 Rap Dope
02 Dre Day
03 Red & Gold f. Prodigy, Mitchy Slick & Phil Da Agony
04 Child Support
05 Well Fare f. Thurz & Casey Veggies
06 He Man
07 Brown Sugar f. MED & Oh No
08 Bobby Brown f. Clutch, Mic Holden & Definite
09 Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop f. Alchemist, Evidence, Tristate, Planet Asia, Donel Smokes, Chace Infinite & Krondon
10 The West (Part Two)