Crisis – Joshua Erenberg & Lance Gross

Lance Gross Talks New Role on NBC’s Political Drama ‘Crisis,’ Being a “Regular Dude”

Lance Gross in 'Crisis'

Lance Gross in ‘Crisis’

Lance Gross (Our Family Wedding) is going from romantic comedies to fighting bad guys as U.S. Secret Service agent Marcus Finley on the new NBC drama Crisis, which debuts tonight, March 16th at 10/9c.

Set in Washington D.C., the emotionally-charged political action thriller follows Marcus, an idealistic Secret Service agent who finds himself at the center of an international crisis on his first day on the job as the President’s son’s protection, when the son, along with several of his schoolmates, are kidnapped.


It’s field trip day for the students of Ballard High School, a place that educates the children of Washington, D.C.’s elite, top-of-their-industry CEOs, international diplomats, political power players and even the president’s son. But when their bus is ambushed on a secluded rural road, the teenagers and their chaperones are taken, igniting a national crisis. Now with some of the country’s most powerful parents at the mercy of one vengeful mastermind, the question arises: How far would you go and what would you become to ensure your child’s safe return? With so many parents and dignitaries put into play with nowhere to turn and no one to trust, this unthinkable scenario grows from the select families at risk to an entire nation at stake.

Directed by Phillip Noyce (Patriot Games), the series also stars Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), Dermot Mulroney (About Schmidt), Rachael Taylor (666 Park Avenue), Stevie Lynn Jones, Michael Beach (ER), Max Martini (The Unit), James Lafferty (One Tree Hill), Halston Sage (How to Rock), Max Schneider (How to Rock), Mark Valley (Body of Proof), and Joshua Erenberg (Dads).

Joshua Erenberg & Lance Gross in 'Crisis'

Joshua Erenberg & Lance Gross in ‘Crisis’

In an interview with Essence, Lance spoke on his new role and sex symbol status. See a couple excerpts and watch the series trailer below.

On taking on an action role in Crisis:

“I’ve been wanting to sink my teeth into action for years and it’s finally happening. I don’t want to be stuck in the same romantic comedies or sitcoms. Projects that are different and more rugged and mature have always caught my eye.”

On being a little uncomfortable being called a sex symbol:

“It’s crazy every time I hear heartthrob and sex symbol. I’m just Lance Gross. I’m a regular dude. I don’t like the numbers game. I’m not into putting notches on my belt. I get one dope chick and that’s all I need.”

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