Justin Bieber Baby Music Video on VEVO

Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Reaches Over 1 Billion Vevo Views

Justin Bieber's "Baby" Music Video on Vevo

Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Music Video on Vevo

He may be in a lot of hot water right now and he may also be disliked by more than half of Northern America, but that isn’t stopping The Biebs from continuing to be successful and make history.

The singer’s 2010 hit single “Baby” has officially reached 1 BILLION views on Vevo, and he serves as the youngest artist to achieve the milestone.

“Baby” is also the most-watched clip ever and the only video to be certified 10x across Vevo, a similar feat as a gold or platinum certification by the RIAA.

Take a look at what Doug McVehil, SVP of content and programming for Vevo had to say about the feat below:

“Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ music video reaching one billion views and 10x certified across Vevo is a huge milestone, both for Justin and Vevo. Baby’ premiered across Vevo in February 2010, just two months after our platform launched. Four years later, Vevo is the number one music video platform in 13 countries on web, mobile/tablet and TV apps, and Justin is a household name. We really feel like Vevo and Justin have grown together.”

This serves as Justin’s seventh video to be a part of VEVO’s inaugural certified class when the 100 million mark was announced in 2012: “Never Say Never,” “One Time,” “Somebody To Love,” “Never Let You Go,” “One Less Lonely Girl,” and “Love Me.” Since then, Bieber has racked up a total of 11 certified Vevo videos.

That Belieber reign just won’t let up. This achievement was due in large part to them, being that they were the ones who made a concerted effort across social media last week to get enough views that the video reached 1 billion views while the singer was still a teenager (he will be 20 on March 1, 2014). Thoughts?