Watch: Frozen’s “Let It Go” Gets Amazing Africanized Cover by Alex Boyé & One Voice Children’s Choir

Alex Boyé & One Voice Children's Choir Perform Frozen's "Let It Go" (Africanized Tribal Cover)

Alex Boyé & One Voice Children’s Choir Perform Frozen’s “Let It Go” (Africanized Tribal Cover)

Disney‘s hit film Frozen may be pitifully lacking in the diversity department but that isn’t stopping fans (and parents of fans) from adding a little flavor.

Alex Boyé, a British-born Mormon singer and actor of Nigerian descent, and the One Voice Children’s Choir have produced an absolutely thrilling Africanized cover of the film’s Oscar-nominated song “Let It Go.”

Alex details how the song came about:

“I went out of town for work and when I got back, my wife Julie told me, ‘You’ve got to hear this.’ She puts on the music and my little 4 year old Adanna struts and shimmies across the living room singing every single word of ‘Let it go’ with feeling and reckless abandonment!! Along with every other kid in the country, She got Frozenitis!

My mind immediately started racing and I thought ‘I HAVE TO AFRICANIZE THIS!!!’

A Bryce Johnson-directed video, featuring 11-year-old powerhouse Lexi Walker as Elsa, the Snow Princess, has become an internet sensation — garnering 4.7 million views on Youtube as of Saturday.

The viral clip will give you chills and warm your heart at the same time. Watch below.

Some will remember Lexi gained attention last year after her performance of the national anthem at a Real Salt Lake game. That video has reached over 200,000 views.

“Let It Go” also stars Veda Mason as Anna, Daimion Davis as Hans, Isaac Cox as Kristoff, Chloe Barrus as Sven, and Jocelyn Bench as Olaf.

Arranged and produced by Masa Fukuda, who directs the talented choir, the tribal cover is available for purchase at