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Is Hamburger Helper’s Strangely Awesome Twitter Run by Someone from #BlackTwitter?

Hamburger Helper on Twitter

Hamburger Helper on Twitter

For the past few days all eyes have been on Hamburger Helper‘s genius Twitter account @Helper, which has taken full advantage of younger, culturally-specific trends.

In fact it may be the only brand with a mix of tweets referencing Trey Songz ad-libs, #Movember, Scandal, Lil B aka “Based God,” #IfWeDate and struggle meals to increase engagement.

The account has kept Twitter users entertained well enough that many are convinced someone from #BlackTwitter must be behind it.

Whoever it is, they’ve been given quite a bit of freedom to attract millennials to the 42-year-old packaged food brand, which may seem risky but there’s no room for fear and inauthenticity in these Twitter streets.

By comparison, the company’s Facebook page is also funny and trend-focused but far more tame.

The new social media strategy is part of General Mills‘ company-wide rebranding and its relaunching of Hamburger Helper as Helper in an effort to regain its lost market share.

Though General Mills estimated last year that “1 million households eat Helper every weeknight,” sales in the dry dinner mix market fell 14%, to $324 million.

The company has moved on from its original “working mothers” demographic, and has set sights on men aged 18 to 30, hence the reason to speak their language.

Time will tell how well the efforts work. In the meantime, @Helper’s following and participation in #HelperArmy are quickly growing as people are eager to converse with @Helper and send photos of themselves cooking Helper meals or even kissing the box.