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Riveting Cuban Drama ‘Una Noche’ Arrives in NYC Theaters

'Una Noche' Poster

Lucy Mulloy‘s thrilling Sundance Select feature film Una Noche will hit New York City theaters starting Friday, August 23rd, followed by an iTunes release on August 26th.

Starring Anailin De La Rua De La Torre and Javier Nunez Florian, the Cuban-set film follows two teens, Raul and Elio, “who consider escaping the communist and broken-down country to flee to Miami, FL.”

When Raul is accused of assaulting a foreigner, Elio must make a choice between freedom and leaving his twin sister behind.

“Brimming with the nervous energy of Havana’s restless youth and the evocative cinematography of the sun-bleached capital, Una Noche follows one sweltering day, full of hope and fraught with tension, that burns to a shocking climax.”

Spike Lee, who is presenting the film had this to say:

“Do not miss this! I am very proud to present Lucy Mulloy’s debut feature film, UNA NOCHE, in theaters Aug 23rd. Check it out! It’s shot in Cuba with amazing young talent and won Tribeca Film Festival and over 12 other festivals!”

Check out the official trailer and see theater information below.

‘Una Noche’ Trailer

NYC Theaters

Lincoln Plaza Cinemas
Broadway and 62nd St.
For Advanced Tickets Call: 212.757.2280

IFC Center
323 Sixth Avenue At West 3rd St.
For Advanced Tickets Call: 212.757.2280

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