Watch: “Stand Up to ‘Stand Your Ground'” PSA Will Haunt You

I knew the moment I clicked play on this PSA to “experience the night Trayvon Martin was killed” I was going to wish I hadn’t.

Created by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence on the heels of the George Zimmerman verdict, the chilling minute-and-a-half clip takes us through the rainy night that he killed Trayvon.

It features one of his many 911 calls, as well as an emergency call from a concerned neighbor. A shot goes off and she cries, “Oh my God, the young boy…”

We then see a depiction of Trayvon’s lifeless body followed by a string of dead young people laid out in the grass, symbolizing the potential danger and future deaths associated with the law which is active in 26 states.

The PSA ends with “Our laws should protect victims. Not create more.” Comments for the video have been turned for obvious reasons.

Accompanying the video is a petition to state legislators calling on them to oppose “Stand Your Ground” laws.

[spotted via Charlotte]