Watch: Jhené Aiko Just Wants A Little “Bed Peace,” Debuts New Song

Jhené Aiko serenades with us an acoustic Rap-Up Sessions performance of “Bed Peace,” her new song which is no doubt inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

The hedonistic tune finds the burgeoning superstar pleading for a day of peaceful protest: skipping work, sleeping in, lighting up, and making love.

“Wake up wake, gotta get his paper, get this cake this up / gotta do my hair, gotta put on makeup / gotta act like I care ’bout this fake stuff, straight up / what a waste of my day” she laments.

She then plans a more perfect situation singing, “if I had it my way / I’d roll out of bed, say, ’bout 2:30 midday / hit the blunt, then hit you up to come over to my place / you show up right away / we make love and then we fuck and then you give me my space…”

The catchy hook begs her lover to accept the proposition: “what I am trying to say is, that love is ours to make so we should make it…”Jhené Aiko Performs "Bed Peace" for Rap-Up Sessions

The song is set to appear on Jhené’s highly-anticipated Def Jam debut, (S)ouled Out, which is being rumored for a release this summer (cross your fingers).

The project will feature production from NO I.D.Fisticuffs (frequent collaborators with Miss Aiko), Dot Da GeniusClams CasinoKey Wane, and more.