Janelle Monae Artwork by Eva Sonja

Creative Quickie: Janelle Monáe by Eva Sonja [Digital Art]

Janelle Monae Artwork by Eva Sonja

As Janelle Monáe actively solidifies her reign as Queen of Futuristic Funk and promotes her long-awaited Electric Lady, we’re seeing an influx of “electric ladies” and Janelle-inspired artwork.

We came across this one by German artist/student Eva Sonja, who captures the iconic bold red lips, sparkling eyes, and immaculately coiffed updo in a recent digital painting titled simply, “Janelle.”

This piece was crafted with PaintTool SAI and Adobe Photoshop, though the artist tends to produce mixed media artwork.

Eva will eventually study art at the university level. View more of her work here.

The Electric Lady is out September 10, 2013.