Wale Breakfast Club 2013

Wale asks: “Do people care about entendres and wordplay?” on The Breakfast Club

“It’s almost like you a geek if you like that shit,” says Wale on hip-hop’s lyric-loving sub-culture.

Wale Breakfast Club 2013

Wale speaks on the state of hip-hop on The Breakfast Club (Friday, May 31, 2013)

Three artists have made Christmas come in June for hip-hop lovers: Kanye West, J. Cole, and Wale.

Each of their forthcoming efforts, Yeezus (June 18), Born Sinner (June 18), and The Gifted (June 25), respectively will be heavily spun, debated, loved, hated, and quoted over the next couple of months — starting as early as this week due to leaks.

What these albums represent is a reemergence of rap’s long gone golden era… a time when the rewind button was essential to properly analyzing lyrical content.

It was a time when Boogie Down, De La Soul, Eric B. & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, Gang Starr and Wu-Tang Clan ruled the airwaves and sparked a new form of intellectual conversation.

Succumbing to opposition from the generation before, who saw these artists as noise, we eventually stopped wanting to sit by the radio with our dictionaries.

We got sick of becoming enlightened. What was the insight really giving us anyways? And thus the scribes and wordsmiths were replaced with gimmicks.

Now, fast-forward to 2013 and we are literally and illiterately “dying of thirst” (to reference Kendrick Lamar).

However, it’s almost as if the the onslaught of mediocre and sub-par has given [some of] us a new appreciation for the small pockets of genius we have found in underground and alternative hip-hop scenes.

Recently on The Breakfast Club, Wale took time to address this very phenomena, asking a poignant question: “Do you think people care about entendres and wordplay?”

He also speaks on respecting Rihanna‘s friendship, his amicable competition with J. Cole, artists as brands, his $25,000 college scholarship giveaway, and much more. Check out the interview below.

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