Totally Biased – Cheerios

Watch: Totally Biased’s Kamau Takes on Racist Backlash Over Cheerios Mixed-Race Ad

Totally Biased - Cheerios

I’ve actually had friends ask if I was going to write anything on the now infamous mixed-race Cheerios “Just Checking” commercial, which aside from being really adorable, has served as fodder for America’s bravest bigots: the kind on the interwebs.

While I love an opportunity to go off (and ohhh how much I do), I didn’t feel I had very much to say. The racist reactions may be appalling but they certainly are not shocking.

And the most offended people are those who are still frolicking around that post-racial utopia that America became in 2008. Remember that place? Yea me neither.

Since then, I’ve heard worse. I’ve seen worse.

And no heart-felt anecdotes about how I have blood aunts as White as the mother in the Cheerios ad, cousins as mixed as the tv spot’s sweet little girl, and grandfathers darker than the darkest man you think you’ve seen, are going to change the minds of people who are disgusted by my existence.

With that said, W. Kamau Bell‘s FX show Totally Biased is the perfect arena to tackle the conversation from a well-rounded comical point of view.

He hilariously ties in how the family portrayed reminds him of his own, suggests some Sulfur 8 treatments, and takes shots at the ol “why can’t Black people move back to Africa?” stance. Enjoy below.

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