Question Bridge – Full Suite

‘Question Bridge’ Project to Facilitate Critical Dialogue Among Black Men

Question Bridge - Full Suite

Think of Question Bridge as the barbershop 2.0 — a virtual and interactive space for Black men to freely converse, debate, and connect, while others observe, learn and deprogram.

The brain-child of artists Chris Johnson, Hank Willis Thomas, Bayeté Ross Smith, and Kamal Sinclair, Question Bridge seeks to shatter stereotypes associated with Black males through conversation and statistics.

“Empirical data shows Americans, including Black people, still harbor negative associations with Black males that directly impact their ability to function successfully in this country.

Of particular concern are statistics which demonstrate that the over-representation of Black males in the penal system and the disciplinary processes in schools does not correlate to their behavior.

In reality, Black males are not more violent, more criminal, or more disruptive than their White male peers. The good news is that a meta-analysis of the social science research shows that there are effective means of overcoming our negative bias about Black males.

One of which, is being exposed to more complex, multi-faceted, and whole images and narratives of black males. This is what the Question Bridge project hopes to accomplish.”

Executive produced by English actor Delroy Lindo (Malcolm X / The Chicago Code), Deborah Willis, Ph.D, and actor Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), the project premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival as a video art installation showcasing footage from over 160 men from 12 cities.

Question Bridge - Question View

Now boasting over 1600 question and answer videos, Question Bridge has been on display at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Oakland Museum of California, and several other national museums, festivals, and cultural institutions.

Aiming to become a tool for all people, Question Bridge allows users to search and filter content to discover information such as “12% of Question Bridge black males who have discussed family and community identify as educated and spiritual.”

Question Bridge - Statistics View

Several creatives and educators have signed on as consultants and advisors. All Question Bridge needs now is you.

Learn more about the project in the video below and (quickly) lend it your support on Kickstarter.

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