Teton High School Redskin Mascot 2

Idaho High School Shows Washington Redskins How Easy It Is To Drop Offensive Logo, Mascot

Teton High School "Redskins" Mascot

Teton High School “Redskins” Mascot

Native Americans may not be respected by the Washington Redskins, specifically its owner Dan Snyder, but an eastern Idaho high school gets it.

Teton High School will drop its longtime “Redskins” nickname, logo and mascot, and will begin searching for alternatives.

Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulm says the decision, applauded by the school board, was motivated by “the need to teach students to see beyond skin color and assumptions based on appearances.”

This comes amid a revived push for the NFL team to change its team name, though it has been publicly dismissed by Snyder, who says he will never change the name.

In May, 10 members of Congress sent letters to Snyder, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Redskins sponsor FedEx, and the other 31 NFL franchises urging the team’s owner to discontinue using “Redskins” because it’s offensive to many Native Americans — despite what many non-Native Americans think.

Over 60 high schools across the country that have the “Redskins” as their mascot, according to Capital News Service, while 28 schools in 18 states were once the “Redskins,” but now currently use another mascot.

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