Google Music Streaming

Google Launches Streaming Service for Music Lovers

Google Music Streaming

Google Play Music All Access is Google’s new streaming music service that’s taking on successful brands like Spotify, Pandora, and Rdio.

With the launch of All Access, the company may be one step closer to ruling the digital realm—if, of course, music lovers use and like it.

The service combines millions of songs in the Google library with the music collections of its users. Users are able to access the service on the Web and connected mobile devices.

There will also be a Listen Now feature that will pick out tunes and artists it believes the listener will enjoy.

All Access has real, live human editors curating music lists and lineups, which is unique to streaming music services.

It costs $9.99 a month after a 30-day free trial period, which is competitive with the other streaming services already out there.

While the market may seem saturated with services that offer streaming music, Google has always had a real skill at entering into new markets.

The company introduced a cable and Internet service called Google Fiber which offers faster and less expensive Internet and cable connections in select cities.

A basic Internet package is about $35 per month, but Google Fiber touts a full gigabyte connection for not even twice that amount.

While All Access may not yet be at the same level as the competition, it definitely has the ability to surpass it, as Google has massive resources. According to IT World, Spotify is still better than Google, but only for the time being.

Spotify has better offline playback, allowing you to listen to music you love without being connected to the service itself.

Google, though, already has a better streaming radio service due to the curation of playlists by it’s human editors.

Google also appears to be better when it comes to discovering new music, as you are accessing playlists by real humans, rather than algorithms.

The service also lacks the constant ads of free Pandora or Spotify. Spotify has better social sharing, but Google is making a push with its Google+.

Give Google Play Music All Access a few months to see if it holds up. Chances are, it will.