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Listen: Amel Larrieux’s New Summer Groove “Afraid”

How exciting! I just so happened to stop by Twitter #Music on Thursday night to see that not only is Amel Larrieux back with a fresh new single, but it became the #2 most popular song on the social network.

Titled Afraid,” the fun, lyrically divine, uptempo tune finds the R&B songstress in heart-racing infatuation that has her walking into walls and letting her imagination takeover.

Amel Larrieux "Afraid" Single Cover

Amel Larrieux’s “Afraid” Single Cover

Amel’s sweet, soulful vocals profess, “Faces are fading, replaced with yours / Bodies are changing into your beautiful form / Oh to feel your pulse beating inside mine / Want to you press against me / Like if you don’t you’ll die…”

She continues into the chorus, “Got me afraid of… the raptures turnin’ inside of me / Got me afraid of what I’m gonna do if I get you to see / Got me afraid of you / You’re so fine, sometimes I forget to breathe / Got me afraid where ever you are is where I have to be.”

Listen: Amel Larrieux – “Afraid”

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The song’s production by her husband, Laru Larrieux sounds like a crisp revamp of Sylvia Striplin‘s 1981 track You Can’t Turn Me Away,” which was famously sampled for Junior M.A.F.I.A.‘s 1995 hit “Get Money.”

“Afraid” hit iTunes on June 11, 2013 and will appear on the former Groove Theory member’s long, long-awaited fifth studio effort, Ice Cream Everyday, for which she’s unveiled official album artwork.

Amel Larrieux's 'Ice Cream Everyday' Album Cover

Amel Larrieux’s ‘Ice Cream Everyday’ Album Cover

Out August 27, 2013 via Blisslife Records, she’s unveiled official artwork and a special note for fans:

“i am relieved to share with whomever’s interested that our album is finally finished. it’s been quite touching actually, reading your messages asking after the new album and its release date. my level of gratitude is constantly challenged by your tireless support. it means I get to make the best work I possibly can, as an offering of sorts, to you.”

The album will follow 2007’s Lovely Standards, 2006’s Morning, 2004’s Bravebird, and her 2000 solo debut Infinite Possibilities.

The new single and album are preceded by Orange Glow,” a funky tune that surfaced in 2009 and was rumored to be on the album. You can listen to that below.

Listen: Amel Larrieux – “Orange Glow”


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