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Slave Uprising Film ‘Tula, The Revolt’ Eyes July 2013 Release

'Tula, The Revolt PosterTula, The Revolt, a film based on the 1795 slave uprising on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, is gearing up for a July 2013 theatrical release with an official trailer and brand new poster.

Directed by Dutch director Jeroen Leinders, the film stars Danny Glover and an international cast that includes Obi AbiliJeroen KrabbéDerek de LintNatalie Simpson, and Paul Bazely.

The historic drama tells the story of Tula Rigaud, a slave who led a month-long revolt on the Dutch-occupied island.

He’s played by British-Nigerian actor Abili, while Glover takes on the role of Shinishi, the elder of the group.

Fueled by three demands: an end to collective punishment, an end to working on Sundays, and the right to buy clothing and food from anywhere they wanted (not just from their masters), the rebellion did not end as peacefully as it began.

However Tula remains revered as a martyr who led the long road to the end of slavery on Curaçao.

The film’s release (July 4 in the Netherlands and July 11 in Aruba and Curacao) marks the 150th anniversary since slavery was finally abolished on the island (1863).

Danny Glover as Shinishi in 'Tula, The Revolt'

Danny Glover as Shinishi in ‘Tula, The Revolt’

It was filmed on location in Curacao last at actual locations where the real uprising occurred, as it was important to the filmmakers to remain authentic. 

The production budget of the film was reportedly $3.5 million. Enjoy the official trailer below and keep up with the film via Facebook.

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