Maeling Murphy Hallmark Mahogany

Her Own: Maeling Murphy of for Hallmark Mahogany Mother’s Day Collection

Maeling Murphy Hallmark Mahogany’s Maeling Murphy for Hallmark Mahogany Mother’s Day 2013 owner, Maeling Murphy graces one of Hallmark Mahogany‘s new Mother’s Day cards this season. Her lovely natural tresses are covered with the words:

“Her own woman. Her own strength. Her own mind. Her own beauty.”

Mae, an Atlanta-based Ph.D Candidate in Material Science & Engineering, launched in 2009 to document her transition from relaxed to natural hair. The site has since become a go to for naturalistas all over the world.

She has a social following of over 200,000 on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, which houses hair tutorials that have received over 10 million views.

In a candid interview with MissBusiness, Mae reveals that negative comments almost pushed her to give up on the whole operation:

“It takes a lot of work to not let one negative response overshadow the numerous of positive responses. Any place where people can hide behind a computer screen or a username gives them the license to say whatever they like. It’s something that I’ve had to accept even though I don’t like people being mean.”

[spotted via black-culture]