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Uproot Andy & Geko Jones Launch Que Bajo!? Records, Drop ‘Worldwide Ting’ Mixtape

Uproot Andy and Geko Jones 2011

Wow… this is so exciting! I’ve had the pleasure of following global tropical bass kings Uproot Andy and Geko Jones and their Que Bajo?! party since September 2010, the exact month I launched this site.

For five years, they’ve expanded minds and music collections (especially mine) to the sounds of Barranquilla, Santo Domingo, Brazil, Cape Verde, Puebla, and Punjab.

That makes today extra special, as they have officially launched Que Bajo!? Records — where they’ll give us the full spectrum of their international crate-digging.

They explained to MTV Iggy why they decided to launch the label:

“We wanted to start a label because we’ve been producing so much music for, and inspired by, the scene and the community that the party comprises, but we felt like that music didn’t have a home online.

While Que Bajo has become a recognizable local name in nightlife in New York, it’s difficult for those outside of New York who couldn’t actually attend the party to understand the sound.

I think we have been wanting to do something like a website for a while but only more recently did it click in our minds that what we had on our hands was essentially a catalog.

There is a lot of music that has become standards at the party that people know and react to, but that have never been heard outside of that setting, so it seemed like it was time to create an outlet for sharing this music with the rest of the world.”

To celebrate, Andy has released his Worldwide Ting: The Mixtape, a preview of tracks and refixes to come.

Also, he and Geko will host the 4th Annual Cinco de Gallo this Saturday, showcasing Mexican culture in New York City with live performances by Niña Dioz and Los Master Plus.

Listen & Download: ‘Worldwide Ting’ Mixtape

[image via jackmag]