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Zac Efron is Way More Than a Pretty Face in FLAUNT Magazine

Zac Efron Covers FLAUNT Magazine April 2013

Zac Efron Covers FLAUNT Magazine April 2013 in Suit and Shirt by Dior Homme and Ring by Maison Martin Margiela

Actor Zac Efron is working really hard to guide our focus toward his talent and less on his beauty (yea good luck, cutie).

He sits down with FLAUNT Magazine‘s Randy Lee Maitland for a candid interview over drinks in Texas, a conversation really — that they both assumed/hoped no one would read.

Well the reality is, most people will not. We see Zac in FLAUNT’s April 2013 issue beautifully captured by fashion photographer Ruven Afanador and we lose it (scream, share, Like, Tweet, repeat).

A few of us though, after hyperventilation, really do want to know what he’s thinking and what he’s up to. And apparently, the 25-year-old is up to a lot.

Zac Efron in 'At Any Price'

Zac Efron in ‘At Any Price’

Following his role in Lee Daniels‘ ultra gritty, critically-deplored Paperboy (which just makes make me want to see it more), Zac will be on the big screen once again with At Any Price, which will be in NYC and L.A. theaters on April 24th.

The Ramin Bahrani-directed film, which also stars Dennis Quaid and Heather Graham, finds Zac playing a rebellious farmer’s son, Dean Whipple, who wants to be a professional race car driver, defying his dad’s dream.

While the initial plot doesn’t seem like a film that could take our minds off of how handsome Zac is, in his FLAUNT interview, it’s revealed that this Dean character smashes a kid’s forehead in with a hammer… so yea… a few seconds of disgust maybe?

Additionally, Zac’s production company, Ninjas Runnin’ Wild, recently finished shooting Are We Officially Dating?, a friends staying friends kinda flick.

In FLAUNT, he talks about authenticity and how seriously he takes his craft.

He makes it clear that he’ll never bash his High School Musical beginnings. He’s proud of where he started, but he’s definitely grown up and unafraid of taking risks.

He expresses his views on several random things (like some serious disdain for Twitter), the most memorable being a story about disappointing his dad as a kid once where he concludes, “I’m never ever not going to give everything of myself ever again.”

Read a few more snippets and drool over the full photo spread, styled by Michael Fisher, below:

“I know I’m not in this for the money… I’m… trying to make something good, that I care about, and to make sure that it matters…”

“I know what I need to do for me — right now. And maybe… it’s not the most publicized thing, maybe it’s something else.”

“I won’t be caught dead Tweeting. Nobody that I respect does that shit… the people I respect, nobody knows anything about them. Privacy has become what fame used to be. You’re not interesting if you’re always being photographed like going to the store or eating a sandwich. There’s no mystery. But running and hiding sucks too. And there’s the line I walk, and it’s tricky, because I give a fuck.”

Zac Efron FLAUNT Magazine April 2013 - Collage Zac Efron FLAUNT Magazine April 2013

Zac Efron FLAUNT Magazine April 2013

Zac Efron FLAUNT Magazine April 2013

Zac Efron FLAUNT Magazine April 2013

Zac Efron FLAUNT Magazine April 2013

Zac Efron FLAUNT Magazine April 2013