Diplo 2013

Diplo Producing ‘8 Mile’/’Project X’ Style Film About Electronic Dance Music for FOX

Diplo may be a DJ, music producer, rapper, and songwriter, but it seems that the man of many hats is about to try on another one to add on to his resume.

Diplo 2013

He and his business partner Kevin Kusatsu will be executive producing an EDM-based feature film for 20th Century Fox.

The movie will be written by Adam Weinstock and Andy Jones, and produced by Trevor Engelson, with Noah Rothman also serving as executive producer.

The film, which is currently untitled, has been described to as a cross between Eminem‘s 8 Mile, a story of a young white rapper living in inner city Detroit, Michigan in 1995, and his attempt to launch a rap career in a black-dominated genre, and the semi-sleeper hit film Project X.

The latter not only managed to spark real life Project X-inspired parties, but has also sold a total of 1,012,223 units and earned $15.5 million from home media sales as of December 2012.

The main premise of the of the new film centers on three teenagers as they try to (get ready for it) get into a Diplo concert.

Yes people, a film inspired by the growing popularity of EDM (electronic dance music for those of you don’t know, like my boyfriend who seemed to be so confused when I said it) will be produced by one of the best EDM producers, featuring teens trying to get into his show.

Call me crazy, but I’m actually excited for this.

Diplo, who is currently touring with his group Major Lazer, previously directed a documentary feature about Rio de Janeiro’s funk carioca scene titled Favela On Blast, which was released on DVD in 2010.

The producer studied film at Temple University and told GQ last year that he would “love to take a year off to do strictly film work.”

He and Major Lazer are also prepping the release of their second studio album, Free the Universe, set to drop on April 15th.

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