Dessa Parts of Speech Album Cover

Listen: Dessa Explores Bold New Sound With “Warsaw”

Dessa Parts of Speech Album Cover

Album artwork for Dessa’s third studio album, ‘Parts of Speech’

Apparently Dessa has been in the studio experimenting with a refreshing new sound since her 2011 sophomore album, Castor, the Twin.

The witty indie femcee gives us a satisfying little taste of that transformation on her dark new single entitled, Warsaw.”

She seems to bully the fierce drums, synths and reverb, rapping a bit tougher than we’re used to:

Wave the charade man you lay it on thick it’s a dive bar save the game / You drink and you sip / Easy to please but hard to impress / I’m in the mood, new shoes and a bulletproof dress…”

“When Paper Tiger first sent it to me, I thought, ‘This doesn’t sound like anything I’d do. I want it,'” she tells Billboard. “I put the beat on repeat and drank my share of Jameson to get it done.”

Ahh, the Jameson will do that! The track will appear on Dessa’s forthcoming third studio album, Parts of Speech, due June 25th.

In addition to Paper Tiger, Parts of Speech features collaboration from another Doomtree family member, Lazerbeak.

Listen: Dessa – “Warsaw”