Zoe Kravitz Swarovski Crystallized

Zoë Kravitz Talks New “Earthy” Swarovski Jewelry Collection

Zoe Kravitz Swarovski Crystallized

Actress/singer Zoë Kravitz is adding “jewelry designer” to her résumé. The 23-year-old style crush has just launched her “earthy” new Swarovski Crystallized Collection, which incorporates her birthstone color, turquoise, and traditional Native American design.

Zoe Kravitz Swarovski Crystallized Collection

Zoe Kravitz’s Swarovski Crystallized Collection

In a recent interview with Essence, Zoë speaks on what inspired the line, her own personal style, sharing clothes with her dad, musician Lenny Kravitz and more.

On what inspired the Swarovski Crystallized design:

“I really wanted to capture the colors of countries. You know like when you see something and your like ‘I want to go there?’ I see pictures of Morocco, pictures of Africa –– just places I want to go. India with it’s rich colors; just vibrant. I wanted to try and capture that vibrancy, the earthy qualities.

The kinds of things I like with crystals are the really beautiful costume jewelry, vintage pieces and they usually have that diamond shape. The idea was about details, all little kinds of tiny things like one feather, not perfect or contrived.”

On how long it took to complete the collection:

“I made the mood board like a year ago and a couple of months later they brought me some samples of what they worked off with that, then they went back one more time.”

On working with Swarovski:

“I was surprised by just how open they were. Sometimes you do a collaboration and they just want to put your name on something, but they were really open and listened to everything I wanted to do, and really wanted to try and capture my energy, my vibe.


On what her parents think about the collection:

“They’re super stoked, my mom saw it for the first time this morning and she said ‘It’s so pretty!’ And I don’t think my dad has seen it yet but I think he’ll like it. My style is very inspired by both my parents so we all have the same taste.”

On what kind of woman would wear the line:

“For me, these places are where I want to travel to, so I feel like someone who’s exploring, trying to figure themselves out, figure the world out, they have a carefree spirit, do your own thing. Figuring it all out –– like me.


On sharing clothes with her dad:

He wears my clothes! We do sometimes, like T-shirts and things like that I’ll totally steal his T-shirts and he’ll steal my T-shirts because I wear big T-shirts some times. I like a bunch of my dad’s old boas and things and  I have them all over my house that are really beautiful. And my mom’s always giving me clothes, like she has all of these beautiful old pieces that’ll be falling apart and she’s like ‘One glorious wear you can have out of this.'”

Available now in stores and online, the 9-piece line features earrings, a ring, three bracelets and four necklaces finished with a delicate leaf shape engraved with Zoë’s signature.

In other Zoë news, we can’t wait to see her alongside Will and Jaden Smith in M. Night Shyamalan‘s film, After Earth, due in theaters June 7th.