Godfrey Gao GQ Taiwan March 2013 – Feature

Sexy ‘Mortal Instruments’ Star Godfrey Gao Covers GQ Taiwan March 2013

Godfrey Gao GQ Taiwan March 2013 Cover,  'Mortal Instruments' Mangus Bane

GQ Taiwan March 2013 is covered by Godfrey Gao, who’ll play Mangus Bane in ‘Mortal Instruments’ this summer

Gorgeous Taiwanese-Canadian model and actor Godfrey Gao covers the March 2013 issue of GQ Taiwan (mmm… mm… mm).

We’ll all become a bit more familiar with Godfrey this summer, when he stars in the film adaptation of Cassandra Clare‘s best-selling urban fantasy The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Godfrey Gao GQ Taiwan March 2013 - Cover

Godfrey Gao’s GQ Taiwan March 2013 Cover

For his GQ feature entitled Dress With Class,” the 28-year-old heartthrob sports some dapper vintage-inspired threads and talks about how he started his career.

Check out photos and behind the scenes video from the shoot and try not to bite your lip too hard.

Watch: Godfrey Gao’s GQ Taiwan March 2013 Cover Shoot Behind The Scenes

In Mortal Instruments, which will hit theaters on August 23, Godfrey takes on the flamboyant role of Magnus Bane, a sparkly eye-liner and flashy nail polish-wearing High Warlock of Brooklyn.

Godfrey Gao as Mangus Bane in Mortal Instruments

Godfrey Gao as Mangus Bane in Mortal Instruments

The story follows Clary Fray, played by Lily Collins (The Blind Side), a seemingly average teen who uncovers her secret roots in a society of half-angel, half-human warriors known as Shadowhunters, who are tasked with ridding the world of demonic forces.

Along with her newfound Nephilim allies, Clary gets assistance from the magical Bane, who knows a lot more about her past than he leads on.

Read what Godfrey told MTV News about his character:

“I love Magnus Bane’s character because [he] can live forever and never age a day, and who doesn’t want to live forever? I also love that Magnus is a flamboyant party animal, and it’s fun to be described that way compared to the other characters I’ve portrayed previously. Magnus is so out there, he’s definitely a character I will never forget!

Magnus’ extravagant style of dress and makeup was quite the hot topic when I arrived to shoot in Toronto. All the glitter, nail polish, eye-liner and the outfits combined made Magnus the character that everyone loves and envisioned in their minds.”

See Godfrey’s exclusive MTV interview as Bane without pants on the movie set below!

Watch: Godfrey Gao as Mangus Bane on the set of Mortal Instruments

“At first, I was like, ‘All right, I thought this party was going to be an indoor mansion with a lot of lights and chandeliers like you see in back.’ Turns out, it’s outside, and it’s actually, I think, 11 degrees Celsius [51 degrees Fahrenheit], so I’m just hanging out with my boxers on and everyone sees … I have great legs.”

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