5 Mobile Devices Powerful Enough to Run The Most Intensive Apps

Are you constantly on the go? You need a device that will travel with you, but is able to keep up with the apps and programs you have to run.

This is why a powerful mobile device is important. No matter what type of power you are looking for, there are a variety of devices that are sure to fit the bill.

Razer Edge

Razr EdgeThis tablet is said to be the most powerful tablet created to date. Not only does it have an Intel Core i5 processor, it also has a dedicated graphics card, which is not common in tablets.

The card is the Nvidia GR640M, which allows the tablet to be able to play games that have previously only been available for laptops and desktops.

The Razer Edge will come with 4 GB DDR3 Ram and 64 GB SSD storage.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3If you are looking for a phone that blows away the competition, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has what you need.

This phone comes with a 1.5 GHz quad-core or dual-core processor. Weighing in at 4.7 oz, it is extremely light weight and portable.

It also includes 32 GB of built-in storage and a microSD expansion slot. When you need to know if a phone has enough power, try to run the game Shadowgun. This phone lets you play without any problem.

Eee Slate B121

Eee Slate B121This tablet was created for those who need everything a desktop has, while they are on the go.

With an Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz processor, 4 GB of DDR3 ram, and a variety of ports, this tablet packs a punch.

In fact, you can download any programs that you would normally run on a desktop on this tablet. That makes it ideal for designers, programmers, and more.

Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5The iPhone 5 has a lot going for it. It can run a variety of high-powered apps, from camera filters to games like Bastion.

With the Apple A6 processor, 16 GB of built-in memory, and retina display, this phone is a great option for anyone looking for an iPhone.

This phone is much stronger than many of the other iPhones, and beat the competition for a variety of mobile devices in power and in portability.

The Windows Surface Pro

The Windows Surface ProIf you want to get your hands on a tablet that acts like a desktop before the Razer Edge is available, the Surface Pro is the perfect option.

This tablet runs on Windows, which means that it can run anything that needs a Windows operating system.

You can get this tablet with either 64 GB or 128 GB storage, and it uses a third generation Intel Core i5 processor.

On top of that, the Surface Pro boasts an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card and 4 GB RAM.

Finding the right tablet or phone can be a frustrating task. You want something that out-powers the competition; something you can brag about.

With one of these devices, you will never have trouble running your apps again.