Mike Tyson on Chris Brown, Frank Ocean Fight

Mike Tyson Warns Chris Brown & Frank Ocean: “They’re Going to Get Locked Up”

Mike Tyson on Chris Brown, Frank Ocean Fight

Mike Tyson weighs in on Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fight

If anyone knows what trouble smells like, it’s world heavyweight boxing champion and former bad boy, Mike Tyson.

The legend recently shared his thoughts on the infamous Frank Ocean/Chris Brown altercation that has been brewing for almost two years.

While we know other celebrities have attempted to take Chris aside, perhaps he and Frank can both appreciate some wisdom from someone who’s been there and done that:

“It’s hard to listen to somebody when you’ve got a couple of hundred million dollars, or $50 million or whatever, it’s hard to listen to somebody. Sometimes you’ve got to feel the fire to know it’s hot.

These guys realize they’re going to get locked up, they’re going to get fined a hell of a lot of money, you know, now they’re going to be stereotypes … it’s going to be on record that these guys are bad guys, and they constantly get in trouble .

And the next thing you know you got a lawyer involved, you got a cop involved, you got a prosecutor involved, you got a jury involved. You’re up s— creek without a paddle.”

He added, “Even when I was in fights and these guys started it and I finished it, I still went to jail. They didn’t go to jail! They had guns and stuff and they told the cops ‘Yeah we were going to shoot him’ and they still put me in jail!”

In other Tyson news, he’s currently promoting the nationwide tour of his one-man play, Undisputed Truth, and an upcoming cameo on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.