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Top 3 Cafes to Work From in London

Cafe 1001 in London by Fabio Venni

Many people are quick to assume that central London is the place to be for businesses looking to prosper. The Shoreditch area, though, has bloomed in the past few years with endless technology startups.

Stations such as Old Street and others around it are called the Silicon Roundabout—a true tech hub. East London is now overflowing with innovative tech-related individuals and businesses ranging from web design, programming, graphics design, digital marketing, and more.

So when you find yourself in the East End of London, there will always be a place for you to sit down and get on with your work. This article won’t mention the usual Starbucks, Nero, or Costa Coffee shops—we’ve already been there and done that.

Real inspiration comes from the non-corporate run cafés that take pride in the smallest aspects of their shops. Here are my top picks.


You’ll find that the oddest of coffee shops are the most friendly and welcoming. This is essentially what Hurwundeki is all about; bizarre, quirky, and strange.

You won’t realize it’s a café until you actually venture into the shop itself. I used to avoid it at first, too, but now it’s on the top of my list.

It’s owned by Ki-Chul Lee, a Korean hairstylist. Hurwundeki is a café and a restaurant all in one place.

It’s ideal for those moments when you can’t stop working but your body needs some form of food. Just hop over the café and continue working while you sit on the beat-up wooden benches sipping on an Americano and enjoying quality pastries.

Insider’s tip: Charge your laptops beforehand because power sockets can get used up if the café is busy. 

Café OTO

Café OTO is just down Kingsland Road in Dalston. The spacious Japanese café is an ideal spot for those people who like a quiet working environment with enough room to freely create thoughts.

If you’re a writer stuck at a point in your novel, then Café OTO is certainly the place to be. Their coffee is as good as it gets and the fast Wi-Fi is enough to stream videos or any other interactive media.

Power sockets and tables are everywhere so don’t worry too much about low batteries or not finding a place to work.

Insider’s tip: The café has some great refreshments. I find I work best with a freshly-squeezed orange juice to power on my mind!

Café 1001

Head over to Brick Lane beside Shoreditch and you’re bound to run into the legend itself: Café 1001. Located in the Old Truman Brewery, Café 1001 is open into late night which makes it ideal for freelancers who can work flexible hours.

The grungy atmosphere really helps your mind relax if you have any other stress piled up. During the day, the café is peaceful and you’ll find a lot of freelancers and students relaxing on the sofas sipping on their cappuccinos.

The vibe is pretty good for those looking to get some studying done, too, with dim lights and low music. You can also pick from a large selection of meals and snacks including fresh BBQ burgers.

Insider’s tip: If music distracts you at all, then skip this place as there’s always some form of sound playing in the background. 

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 image by Fabio Venni