Red Stripe Officials – Car Commercial

Watch: Red Stripe’s Funny Response to Volkswagen’s “Racist” Super Bowl Ad

Red Stripe Officials - Car Commercial

Red Stripe Officials Give Final Call on Volkswagen’s Controversial Commercial

Before the Super Bowl even started, Volkswagen‘s “Get Happy.” commercial was a hot topic of debate. “Is it offensive? Who does does it offend?”

Caribbean Americans gave their say through a poll by the Institute of Caribbean Studies and Caribbean Heritage Organization:

“As members of the Caribbean diaspora, and Jamaican, we find the commercial, amusing and indeed a fascinating example of subtlety in subliminal messaging.”

And on game day, Jamaican brewery, Red Stripe enlisted the help of their referees to make the final call on “that car commercial.”

“After further, review… NOT OFFENSIVE. Happiness, always in play man…”

Described as “like blackface with voices” by New York Times columnist Charles Blow, the Red Stripe officials ruled “it’s just an accent.” Enjoy the clever and amusing ad spot below.

Watch: “Official” Call on That Car Commercial – Red Stripe Refs

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