Watch: Harlem Reclaims Its “Shake” From Stupid Viral Craze

Real Harlem Shake

The Real Harlem Shake

The new “Harlem Shake” — it’s everywhere and people have either latched on to it or can’t wait for it to die off.

Fueled by Baauer‘s Billboard Hot 100 topping single, the viral sensation has sparked as much backlash as it has fans.

Last week, feeling completely disregarded, Harlemites reacted with confusion to what has been dubbed, the “Gentrification Shake.”

“What the hell is this?” “I feel like they’re trying to disrespect us…”

But it’s not just folks in Harlem or New York City who are bothered. Hip-hop fans country-wide are perplexed by what seems like outright cultural theft — a common phenomena.

The Harlem Reacts video has garnered over 7 million views, and several others have popped up, also hoping to school people on what the REAL Harlem Shake looks like (and has looked like since the 1980s).

The best one however, is the latest from 101.5’s Breakfast Club, who enlisted some limber teens (original Harlem Shakers) to show us all how the shake is supposed to be done.

NYC producers Kid The Wiz and Tweek Tune remixed Baauer’s track to make it suit the dance better and the results, combined with the dancers, are amazing!

The Harlem shakers incorporate a lot of freestyling into the fun clip, but the basics remain and we couldn’t be happier. Enjoy!