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3 Things That Will Definitely Destroy Your Mobile Phone

Cracked iPhone

With the ever-fragile smartphone, more people are wondering just what it takes to destroy their phone. Some of the top killers are, incidentally, seemingly non-threatening objects. Here are three things that will definitely damage your phone:

[tabgroup] Concrete Floors Hard surfaces are rarely friends to electronic devices. Whether it’s an untimely brush with the kitchen counter or a drop to a concrete floor, you are out of luck if you find yourself in a phone vs. hard surface scenario. Even a short drop can be deadly if the phone lands on its corner, which can shatter the screen.

And don’t think you are in the clear with something a little softer like hardwood floors. If your phone catches it at the right angle, the screen can crack or worse. Your best protection is to stick to carpet or invest in a solid smartphone case.

A Parked Car You know that extreme temperatures may wreck your phone, right? Your car can reach those extreme temperatures within 10 minutes on a hot day when parked in the sun.

In fact, the dashboard or other dark surfaces where you set your phone can easily reach temperatures of 180 degrees or higher, even on mildly hot days. So don’t leave your phone in your car on a hot day, even for “just a minute.”

A study by Environ also measured how much cold a phone can handle. The results indicated that you shouldn’t let your phone stay for long in temperatures below -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

So for Northern dwellers, never leave your phone in the car overnight in winter. A great guideline for a phone’s temperature is to follow your own level of comfort. If it is too hot or cold for you, it probably is for your phone, too.

 Pockets If you don’t want your free T-Mobile cell phone to get destroyed, don’t put it in your pocket. It is a prime place for keys or spare pocket change to scratch the screen.

The back pocket of jeans is an especially well-known phone killer as sitting on your phone (especially large-screen phones like smartphones) easily cracks the screen.

Did we mention the higher chances of your phone falling out of your pocket? If the pocket is too tight, the phone may slowly slip up and out of the pocket.

Tighter pockets also mean you have a higher chance of dropping it while trying to wrestle it out. If your pocket is too loose, one wrong move will let it fall out.

One company even created a product to address the problem of phones falling out of shirt pockets.

You can help keep your phone safe by investing in a great phone case, but even that won’t protect your phone from everything. What has damaged your cell phone?

image via Randy Stewart