Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner: Ruthless Vigilante Or Justified Killer?

Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner


By now you are probably well aware of the intense manhunt for alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner. The story has been all over southern California news stations, some offering full coverage of the hunt as the story develops.

He is currently wanted by law enforcement for the murders of officer Mike Crain, and Irvine, CA couple Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence. Chris is an ex LAPD officer, and former military service member, and his reasons for the murder surround corruption within the LAPD.

Since the murder spree began, police have offered a one million dollar reward for any information leading to his capture and arrest.

The LAPD made the announcement Saturday, along with the announcement that a special task force has been assembled, consisting of LAPD, Irvine and Riverside law enforcement.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck also stated that Dorner’s 2009 case, which was the cornerstone of  this attack, has been reopened for investigation.

There have also been reports that drones have been used in the search for Dorner, to which they have not confirmed yet.

With the story continually developing, there has been alot of heated discussions as to whether his actions are justified or inexcusable. In the midst of the talks going on about Dorner, there has been an out-pour of support for the alleged killer, as well as people who are eagerly seeking his arrest and/or demise.

There are several Facebook accounts created for Dorner’s fans. One fan page, ‘I Support Christopher Jordan Dorner’ has almost 9,000 likes since the account was created. Another page, ‘We Are All Chris Dorner’ comes in at 2,200 likes.

The LAPD is the centerpiece of Dorner’s concise and very detailed written self-titled ‘Manifesto’,  (short version here), in which he accuses them of racial injustice and continuous corruption since the days of the Rodney King trials.

Many people have been sympathizing with Dorner’s actions, on account of personal experiences with the LAPD. Even actor Charlie Sheen has reached out to Dorner, asking the ex cop to contact him and talk things out.

But others have not been so understanding of Dorner’s actions. One post from Redstate describes Dorner’s actions as ‘barbaric’, and his fans ‘detestable’.

Another post from Urban Grounds states “I hope that authorities catch Chris Dorner before he can hurt another person. I hope that they do not take him alive.” They believe that no matter how he may have been wronged, killing officers and family members is an inexcusable act.

You can clearly see the divide in this developing story, as the people are crossed between what is right and wrong, morally and lawfully. Do you believe Chris Dorner is right for what he is doing? 

Are his actions justified or inexcusable and wrong? Do you think there is some merit to what he believes is injustice and corruption within the LAPD?

**UPDATE 02/12/2013**

 A source from law enforcement team after Christopher Dorner has just told LA Times that there was a shootout between Dorner and federal authoritites. The shootout happened today in the Big Bear area of California not too long ago.

They have also reported that Chris Dorner tied up a couple after burglarizing their home, and stealing their car.

There hasn’t been many confirmed details about the events that took place today, but this comes after reports of law enforcement raiding a Tijuana, Mexico hotel late last evening, after receiving a tip that he was seen in the hotel.

More on the story from LA Times here. We will update as it develops.

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**UPDATE 02/14/13** Manhunt for Christopher Dorner has come to a cease.


Officials are reporting that the hunt for alleged killer Christopher Dorner is over, after an intense 5-day search mission for the man who allegedly killed 2 police officers, an Irvine couple, and wounded 4 others.

San Bernadino sheriff Jon McMahon believes the hunt has come to a conclusion, after a violent confrontation with Dorner and law enforcement resulted in a Big Bear California cabin being set on fire, with Dorner still inside. Authorities have yet to confirm that the charred remains found in the cabin are that of Christopher Dorner’s.

Dorner’s last stand comes after multiple car thefts, high speed chase, hostage taking, and the alleged murders of 4 people. The area where the cabin was burned was cleared of media helicopters as a safety precation to what the police and law officials were prepared for: a deadly last stand with Chris Dorner.

Officials are saying that the fire was caused by the tear gas canisters being used to flush Dorner out of the cabin. This comes after many believed that police set the cabin on fire on purpose. It is also being reported that a single gunshot was heard within the cabin, before the cabin was totally engulfed in flames.

Despite the drama coming to an apparent end, many are still in support of Dorner’s actions, and online fans are still hailing Dorner’s as an “American Hero”. They claim Dorner was the center of a “smear” campaign, and are still in disbelief that the fire was not “purposely” set, to kill Dorner once and for all.

Dorner’s family released a brief statement exclusively to KTLA:

“It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we express our deepest sympathies and condolences to anyone that suffered losses or injuries resulting from Christopher’s actions,” she said.

“We do not condone Christopher’s actions. The family has no further comment and asks that our privacy be respected during this difficult time.”

source: The Daily Beast