Best 4G Apps – Gaming, Cloud Computing, Live Video & More

There’s an app for that.

4GThese days there could not be a more true statement. There is an app for just about every task out there.

There are apps for banking, flashlights, scrabble, tracking your tax returns, and more; oh so much more.

For the emerging 4G market they are new apps that are pushing the boundaries within the mobile broadband industry.

A smoother, faster connection means that software developers can create more powerful applications for your mobile phone.


4G gamingThe gamer crowd is in for a rush with the mobility and speed of the 4G network.

The portable platforms for 4G entertainment like tablets and smartphones received the signals through small Wi-Fi networks and participate in local and cooperative gaming events.

Networks such as Xbox Live and Sony’s PS3 are both supported with this technology and are tailor-made for online game with friends.

Furthermore the Sprint HTC EVO 4G WiMax phone is built with a Wi-Fi router that will support gaming for 8 additional devices. Halo for everyone!

The Cloud

4G-cloudJoin the Cloud. The expanded 4G network sets the end user up to be able to access the cloud computing network.

This expands the ability to work with larger data files and apps that can be stored online and retrieved through any 4G device.

This improvement will be helpful to professionals, students, and even everyday users who wish to access personal files, even their Amazon Kindle books.

The cloud network enlarges normal data storage and brings computer to the phone. This reminds of me of the hand held computers promised for so long by science fiction shows like Star Trek.

Live Video

4g-video callsIt is hard to believe that people used to have to carry around separate video recording devices with full size VHS tapes to record their memories; or worse a time before video recording. Gasps!!!

Today everyone has video capabilities built into their smartphones. But with the advent of 4G that technology just stepped up to the next level.

The 4G improvement allows for broadcast-quality data loads over the network at a lower cost point and faster speed rate.

This means that whether uploading to Youtube or to your news network as an on-the-spot news reporter, you could submit video as clean and crisp as a professional camera crew with the right 4G network and high quality camera phone.


4G navigationThe larger network helps you find your way better. Remember the old days of fumbling around with maps, trying to read them, cursing as you tried to fold them while staying on course?

Well most of that is behind you now. Navigation maps with connection to Google Maps (not the wonky Apple Maps) are expanded with greater bandwidth, street view pictures and real time modifications.

The updated network means faster GPS location, turn by turn directions, street views, and no more folding maps.

Emergency Response

4g emergency responseWhen cell phones first came on the market, they could not be considered reliable for location of the emergency or the caller.

Now with the invention of global positioning satellite (GPS) technology cell phones can now dependably be tied to the 911 network.

The FCC has plans in place to put in place a separate 4G network for first responders, but for now local police departments, fire departments, and medical facilities can connect to 4g-based systems aimed at providing better, stronger, faster, and less expensive medical and emergency care.

Your 4G phone is part of this network. An added feature to the 4G network is the ability to receive large files such as your X-rays from your doctor.

This will streamline your medical files and make visits and evaluations time and cost efficient.