Prince Billboard Cover

Prince Covers The New Billboard Magazine

Prince Billboard Cover, January 26 2013

The January 26th issue of Billboard Magazine features a cover-story interview with Prince, who is currently set to receive the Icon Award at this year’s Billboard Music Awards, which takes place in Las Vegas on May 19th.

What’s interesting about this issue, besides the fact that Prince is covering it and has an interview, is the fact that the magazine is being billed as the New Billboard Magazine.

For the past few days we have been sharing the news of Billboard’s new charts with you, but that’s not all. The magazine was changed to be dedicated to the delivery of business journalism that leads and informs the essential conversations around the music and businesses it covers.

This includes: an expanded and reformatted charts section, which was redesigned to add eight pages, expanding the Hot 100 to two pages and the Billboard 200 to four pages, The Deal, an-depth report on the most important music business negotiations of the week, and Coda, an information graphic back page that details and explains chart movements every week — just to name a few.

What amazes me about the cover is the fact that Prince looks just as young as he did when he debuted in the ’70s. This man, along with Pharrell Williams, need to share their tips of staying young and looking flawless, or simply tell us where they found The Fountain of Youth.